Storm and Rose Lyrics: Journey To Breakthrough MIX TAPE


(Written by Rosetta Daniels)
(Produced by The Hit)
(Verse 1)
You been looking for Somebody to provide that peace in ya life-
What cha need in ya life –is a little mo than what chu get when reapin’ the life of an individual wit no lead in ya life
Somebody to believe in ya right?
Who will never leave ya side when things get sketchy…
Ya wonderin,’ “Why would He bless?”
I love you more than anybody could, confess Me.
Been hurt before? I’m ya Healer
Call Me Rapha, if you believe huh?
So many things I wanna show you wanna teach ya
Once you really get to know Me I’m a free ya
No beginnin’ never endin’ Hamashia
Came as Je-sus, to be ya re-up
Restoration and redemption I’m a keepa
So when you hear this invitation come to Me love
Your spirit’s mine remember I discern your every thought
Don’t let the world pick you apart in My eyes you’re a work of art
I’m interested in who you are I made you brighter than the stars
So be a light unto the dark let’s get into some dialogue
If I could give you anything what would it be?
Don’t stop and think, that one thing that you desire?
Stay low and I’ll take you higher –
I’m blessing you with that fire – To tell the world bout Messiah –
I AM Jehovah –your Provider!
Come…no matter where you are
I promise I will be around
I really need to see you now
Call out to Me
You don’t ever have to run…
You just know that I’m Thee only One
Who can give you what you’re looking for…
(B Section Chorus)
I’m in Your secret place to meet up
(And) This my love song to Je-sus
Ya minister my need to be loved
Like nobody else around…
(Verse 2)
I’m not cha part time lover –forever I’m committed
I’ll give your heart a cleansin’ see Me 20/20 vision
Perfected way of livin’-that’s My daily intervention
You’ll be My livin’ witness…Cause, I AM, the God of the “livin’”
Come on back to repentance, when you misrepresent Me
Where you’ll find My forgiveness, grace and mercy been extended
I’ll even take your sins and toss ‘em into the sea of forgetfulness
Just remember this – My voice is eminent like My Word is infinite
I’m Holy faithful can’t lie
A bondage breaker of soul ties
That weigh you down when ya soul cries
My Spirit abides to be your soul guide
Adonai, Adonai
El Shaddai, Holy Fire
Yeshua come inside rest rule abide and take me higher
(Pre Chorus-2x)
(B Section Chorus)

Come you’ll see My Love is waitin’
For you we can make it through anything
I’ll be your everything…
Kisses from the sun wake you up in the morning sky
Heaven’s in your eyes as you star gaze at night but I’m-
Higher, I’m deeper, I’m stronger-
There’s no greater Love than Mine…
If you be-li———–eve in Me-
(Chorus w/ad-libs)
(Chorus w/ad-libs)


(Written by Rosetta Daniels)
(Produced by The Hit)
I wanna struggle with God and prevail like Israel
Instead of livin’ in rebellion investing in hell
Pardon me but there’s a part of me that’s feelin’untouched
A little numb from my own wickedness Deliver me from it-
Put me under the blood
Of Your Son
Heart send a message to my mind-
Oh no reply?
Jesus get on the main line
They say I’m young and I’m fly
Salvation- plenty of time
But they don’t know about Your purpose in this battle we fight
I- be-long- to- Christ
(Said I live for Christ)
I be-long- to- Christ
(Said I live for Christ)
I- just- gave my life
        (Said I live for Christ)
I just- gave my life
        (Said I live for Christ)
Je-sus- is- Mes-siah
(Said I live for Christ)
He- is- a-live
        (Said I live for Christ)
Now- I- live- for- Christ
(Said I live for Christ)
Now I- live- for Christ
        (Said I live for Christ)
(Rap Verse)
I- am- a child of the Most High
He said He is- and He don’t lie…
What chu know about my Saviour?
He got me feelin’ like I’m that flavor
And His favor is all mine
Always win- always on time
Everywhere I go wit Him- next level
(And) Anything I need from Him- that’s settled
Yeah, walkin’ in my favor
He love me at my worst be-havior
That’s why I live my life for Christ
Everyday I give Him glory- I’m nice
And believe me I’m- all in
Cause I believe- He freed me from all sin
Any good you see in me- baby all Him
(And) When I pray in Jesus name that’s an “Ah-men”
(That) Je-sus kind of life
Got me livin’ right
I ain’t mad at nobody
Cause my Savior got me
Holy Spirit Fire
Burnin’ up inside her
Liberated to testify
Christ is glorified
They- can’t- cut my wires
Naw they can’t cut my wires
Huh? –I gotta tell somebody
What? –They can’t stop the gospel


(Written by Rosetta Daniels)
(Produced by Ron “Slack” Jefferson)
Lord I’m so in love with You…
I surrender all to You…
Truth is- Your WORD remains
When reality fades…
Help me do what I came to do…
Help me do what I came to do…
(Verse 1)
I am so glad to find you
So I can remind you
Of your true identity
Was made in His image to-
Flow in His Spirit –
And reign in authority…
(B Section)
See I don’t have time for games to be lead on
My heart and my mind seek the will of my LORD
I’m original and destined for greatness
And how God made me is now awakened
Lord I-wanna be like You
Ev-ery, day there’s something new
I’m learn-in’ about Your love
That I’ve-gotta share with someone

(7x-Changed my life-you)
(1x-Saved my life, oh)
(Verse 2)
You opened my eyes
Now I realize
From Inside to out
You love me no doubt
You are Who You say
A beautiful way
How You came and saved my day…
(B Section)
See I don’t have time for games to lead you on
My heart and my mind serve the will of my LORD
You’re original and destined for greatness
And how God made you is now awakened
(Rap Verse)
Lookin for love in- all the wrong places
Had me frustrated remainin’ in Lamentations
Lord You loved me first and at my worst You know You changed my world
Tryna explain You’re more than famous faithful to Your girl
Did He make, did He shape, me to praise Him?
I’m a take every break just to chase Him
Everywhere He stay I’m in that Good Book looking’ for His information
My heart belongs to my Jesus
You can’t deny when you see us
And when I’m acting on one, then go run and tell Him that I need Him
Touch me with Your revelation
Heal me with Your sensation
No magic potions or bottles could ever see or replace Him
Affection heaven sent my-
CEO and President and-
Only Role Model Perfect Gem He’s coming back again say-
You’ve got that love I want
Been searchin my life for
(Can’t nothing come close to You)


(Written by Rosetta Daniels)
(Produced by Andreas Mosley)
Come on over here a minute…
I heard you had a problem…
It’s time I introduce you-
To my Problem Solver
My Problem Solver
He’s there when I call Him, call Him…
My Problem Solver
He’s there when I call Him, call Him…
My Problem Solver
He’s there when I call Him, call Him…
My Problem Solver
He’s there when I call Him, call Him…
(Verse 1)
Uh huh
I heard you had a problem
There’s Someone who can resolve it
And I call on Him so often
His response time is like awesome
Gotta flawless reputation
In my adverse situations
Make a way for my escape
In case I’m fightin’ that temptation
Revelation 22 (huh)
Show you what He do (huh)
Healing of the nations
And His servants reign in truth (what)
Don’t play Him like a fool
Cause His wrath is nothing cute
Good for you- compassion patience are part of His attributes
My Problem Solver
His 91st Psalm
Tell me that I’m the bomb
I’m all in His armor-
Cause when I’m in His arms-
Protects me from harm
Matter fact I told that mountain look-
I walk by faith it’s under foot
My language come straight out that Book
In Jesus name that’s all it took
(Verse 2)
What you know about my G-O-D?
I’m part of His family-
Yes I got the victory
Cause that’s what Jesus promised me
Nevermind, what you heard
Better find out for yourself
Everything is in His Word
Whenever you need some help
Yes I call Him my Problem Solver
But He’s also my Heavenly Father…
Believe me, He is never bothered
He knows everything Finisher and Author
(Ad-lib Break-Repeat)
That’s my Problem Solver…
(Call Him)…


(Written by Rosetta Daniels)
(Produced by Ron “Slack” Jefferson)
You better act right…
Get act right…
You better get act right…
You better get act right…
You better get act right…
You better get act right…
You better get act right…
You better get act right, act right…
(Verse 1)
There’s a war going on outside of my home
Peace be still I’m in the supernatural
So get up out cha feeling cause I’m speaking to the millions
I bind you lil minions and we taking back dominion that’s in-
Jesus name-
Got my-
Seed of faith
I’m reaping a harvest and our feast awaits-
We gone-
Eat today-
Open up your Holy Bibles
Turn to Book Acts- it’s revival
A time for belly burnin’
I feel my vision turnin’
To set the captives free
This is my prison sermon
My grace card is why I live and love hard
Heavenly picked apart
And ever ready to spar
Oh my,- God
Not a spirit of fear
Got my sword, and my shield, my helmet and my gear
Got promoted up a tier
Now that Jesus my companion
Got some act right
Yeah it’s nice in my mansion, hey!
Get some act right, get some act right
(Open your eyes)
Get some act right, get some act right
(Renew your mind)
Get some act right, get some act right
(The Way, The Truth, The Life)
Get some act right, get some act right
(In Jesus Christ)

Get some act right, get some act right
(Open your eyes)
Get some act right, get some act right
(Renew your mind)
Get some act right, get some act right
(The Way, The Truth, The Life)
Get some act right, get some act right
(In Jesus Christ)
(Verse 2)
Yeah I’m soul forreal
Got to flow in zeal
Kingdom principles
Servant still- yea He will
You gotta speak that life
Switch it up the atmosphere and take flight
If you ain’t been living right
It’s time to go-head
Do what the Lord said
Get off that path that’s molded
Get on them streets that golden
Don’t you know you’re chosen?
Stand up, own it
Royal priesthood generation time to go get it, hey!
(Chorus w/ad-libs)
Jesus…Jesus…Eh Jesus…Jesus


(Written by Rosetta Daniels and Robert L. Daniels)
(Produced by Andreas Mosley)
(Intro -Ad-libs)
Once upon a time Once upon a time…
I said once upon a time Once upon a time
I said-, once upon a time
(Once upon a time, once upon a time)
I said-, once upon a time
(Once upon a time, once upon a time)
(Verse 1)
Once upon a time
Not long ago
There was girl like
Somebody you know
Mind of her own,
Body was grown up
Cause everybody grown up
She was checkin’ for was on her
Just a little ambitious
On a mission
Lookin’ for love,

Lovin’lovin’ that attention
Wasn’t in-to local boys
But she’s rather roll, with them older men
Momma’s on the clock- hard at work
Daddy on the block- gone again
She- solderin’
Lost her innocence but reality shows-
Under her clothes- is a broken soul
Life-, spun outta control
Now she at the doctor all alone
But never alone when Christ is your only hope
(Verse 2)
nce upon a time
Like way back when…
There was a young boy-
Good Christian
Up on the trend-
Real book smart
Hardly ever got in trouble
And he had much heart
He let down his guard
Distracted by the mammon
saying his prayers
Started cutting His classes
Never had-
A demonstration of-
What a true man is
Illustratin’- tired of waiting
Part of His past tense
Confusion- anger-
Loss of companions
Danger, danger-

Live shooter active
Actually a prodigy wit much potential and passion
Panhandled his peace now he-
Searching’ for answers
(Verse 3)
Once upon a time
Quite long ago
The Son of Man-
33 years old
All power in His hands
Came- accomplished the plan
His Daddy put in place
As He walked the land
Elevatin’ the crowd
Haters chasing him down
39 lashes on His back
For healin’ us now
Nailed to the cross-
Sky blacked out
Pierced in His side
For they carried Him out
He gave up His life ya’ll
For all He could see
Is a sea of people
Who had greater needs
Forgave every little wicked thing done by you and me
To receive, you just gotta believe

(He came)
For I am persuaded
(To save)
That neither death nor life, nor angles
(The world)
Nor principalities, nor powers
(He made)
Nor things present, nor things to come, nor height-
(You will)
Nor depth, nor any other creature
(Be saved)
Shall be able to separate us from the love of God
(You call)
Which is in Christ Jesus
(His name)
Our Lord
(Outro w/ad-libs)


(Written by Rosetta Daniels)
(Produced by Mike Dupree)
(Intro) [Harmonizing]
Yes, yes, yes…
Yes, yes, yes, yes, ye—es…
Yes, yes, yes…
(Yes, yes)
Yes, yes, yes, yes, ye—es…

Since the day I fell in love with-
Jesus I have searched no further-
Saved my soul and changed my whole world-
By His Word a new person
Now I cast my cares upon Him-
By the blood He covered my sin-
So I live to be a witness-
Listen and be born again
So in love…
Don’t tell me I’m thee only one
Who thought it was impossible
To get back what I lost restored
(That’s major)
(I’m) So in love…
As though it wasn’t hard enough
To go beyond my starting point
But Lord you brought me back to love
(That’s major)
(Verse 1)
It’s somethin’ that I wanna tell Ya
There’s somethin’ that I need to say
Cause LORD You know it’s been a moment
Since I really ever prayed this way
Not one to be stuck on emotions
Cause usually I keep my face
But today I bear my heart and soul I’m-
Not afraid to be vul-ner-a-ble
When the closest to me disappoint me
(When) things get a lil out of control
I need some assurance of Your presence
To remind me of what I know
I lay my burdens down before You
Give me strength to fulfill me role
You’re the reason I smile through a broken heart
The way Ya do me is a miracle
That’s why I’m-
(Verse 2-Rap)
Now I’m-
Good and grown
You’re so-
Good I know
I left my life behind You neva left me alone
When I fight the good fight it’s really You and me both
Ushered into the new
Delivered from the old
Let my light shine bright Lord-You’re my Supastar
Gotta couple battle scars but that just give me mo heart
Cause when my world was torn apart f
rom messin round wit that serpent
I was in a dark place
A little- lower than worthless
Insecure, lost-
Devoid of purpose
Real tough jaw,
Stubborn like “naw”
But I- came and saw
And surrendered my service
What You gave back was a brand new person
For-ever in love
For-ever my Only One
Even with a thousand tongues I couldn’t praise You enough
You brought me back to love
Matter fact it’s done
A couple reasons why I’ll neva loose touch
That’s why I’m


(Written by Rosetta Daniels, MC Jin, and Robert Daniels)
(Produced by Mike Dupree, Devin Parker, and Eric Jackson)
(Verse 1)
Everyday all we hear is bad news
A never-ending debt
Don’t know how to cashews
Could it be that society is going nuts
It’s a cold world
We just gettin’ warmed up
Used to be my own worst enemy-
Pretending to be something I am not
Steady searching for identity
You could say it was a crises
Now I finally know who Christ is
Look in the mirror and see Him in my reflection
This is the story of my life I’m headed in one direction
Never knew my purpose now I finally got one
Lord take the steering wheel I’m happy riding shot gun
Long as You lead my existence ain’t in vain
I’ll get through the pain
Ain’t livin’ for the riches or fame
Your Word is everything no if, and’s or maybe’s
Yeah I’m special cuz that’s how You made me
(Pre Chorus)
I tried to tell myself You’d use someone else
(But I can’t let go)
This burden I can’t help for somebody else
(Where you spend your soul)
For God so loved the world that He gave His Son
(So that You and I)
Could renew our mind by the Word in Christ you’ll find-
(Everlasting life)
How then-
Shall they-
Call on Him?
(Everlasting life)
How can-
One come to believe in Him?
(Everlasting life)
Who will reach them so that they can hear?
(Everlasting life)
Will you-
Go when-
The Lord has sent?
(Everlasting life)
(Verse 2)
Do you really know?
Do you have an idea?
Listen here-
You’ve been given the reigns
Let’s get serious
Who lives inside you?
Christ reminds you-
We’re doin’ greater works
Holy Spirit abide through
I gotta Boss, dude
His name is Jehovah
Crushing enemies underfoot wit holy boldness
All bets off-
Battlesuit on-
Warrior princess, ringing thee alram
Done woke up a giant
Back on my assignment
Heart of a champion
Spittin’ holy fire
Fire, fire, the devil is a liar
Piercing through the darkness
Sword of the Messiah
Rock steady, born ready
In it to win it and really get it to give it
Now get that, how you feeling’?
I’m healed-victorious sealed by the blood of Jesus
Amen, God’s will
(Pre Chorus)


(Written by Rosetta Daniels)
(Produced by Andreas Mosley)
To be absent from the body’s to be present with the Lord
From earth to paradise in Jesus Christ oh bless my soul
My Heavenly Father knows…
Until we meet again…
My heart will always remember you!

Love is a miracle
Life is a mystery
And we made history
As you were here for me
I- will- keep-
Until we meet again
My heart will always remember you!
(Verse 1)
How’s eternal life in paradise?
When ya opened ya eyes on the other side of heaven-
Beautiful in the sight of the Lord when His saints go
And you accomplished everything that cha came for
Since birth you were walking this earth in service
With a smile that would minister to people’s hurtin’
Never knew a stranger, in the face of danger
Defended your country major
Protected by your Savior
I know you’re with The Master
Loved me like a Pastor
(You) Searched to find out-
Your heart was all that He was after
Better to have and not need it than need it and not have it
You asked me how you lived your life-
Conviction, compassion
The Lord remembered His servant
As a teenager knocking on doors to share Jesus Christ as worship
Your legacy is deep
So when you fell asleep
You went safely in His arms and got the victory
(Verse 2)
A sister, a cover, my kids godmother
Phenomenal woman of faith like no other
My prayer warrior- your tender voice was heaven sent
You’d take the shirt off your back and give it to your friend
On the phone for hours
Speakin’ in revelation
Of God’s Holy Word deliverin’ us through tribulation
You told me, “Rose…watch what God does,”
Submit to me priest-
The fervent prayers of the righteous avail-
We’d touch and agree
Declared and decreed God’s favor resting heavily
His protection and peace-
Over our families
You sowed so many seeds
Blessed so many missions
Now it’s time for increase
To manifest your vision
Eyes haven’t seen-
Ears haven’t heard-
Won’t fall to the ground-
A true prophet’s words
Your dynasty is winning
Hedged in Kingdom living
Lord, thank you for blessing us with her for a minute
May the blessings of the Lord-
Chase you down and overtake you-
May the Lord show you great and mighty things-
That will amaze you-
(Until we meet again)
In Luke 23:43
Jesus says, “I tell you the truth, today, you shall be with me in paradise”
So keep your head up saints-
And your hope in Jesus
We know that by one, our whole household is saved…
Until we meet again
(Outro w/ad-libs)
I will always remember you…
I will always remember…(repeat)

(Rest in heaven…until we meet again)


(Written by Rosetta Daniels)
(Produced by Kyle West)
(Verse 1)
Life’s consistent with-
Broken promises
When it seems like you been through the-
Worst of it-
All your strength-
Yet you remain to get-
No-thing-re-turned-oh uh…

Had my share of bouts
Down the widest road
Wisdom laughed aloud-
I—-just can’t-
Figure out-
Don’t know how-
To turn it all around-
In-my-fa-vor—-oh ooh ah ooh
(B Section)
Spent so many nights alone with You-
Thinkin’ about it, talkin’ about it
Lord I know just what I gotta do-
Feel like my shoes been ce-mented to the ground,
Lord I- need You right now,
More than-e-ver (oh ooh ah ooh)
(Pre Chorus)
Wasn’t satisfied until I had it all
But all I did was fall!
Back into Your arms!
Don’t de-serve another chance
Cause that ain’t even the half!
What kind of love is this?
I can no longer resist.
(Jesus! I need Ya!)
This sinner repents—–
(Oh ooh oh ooh oh oh)

Your loves thee ultimate
This is my lament!
…This sinner repents!
(Verse 2)
Love ain’t envious-
Or-sel-fish am-bi-tion…
Oh my soul seeks the def,-in-i-tion
Once again-
Will You mend-
My broken heart I’ll give-
All I have yearned- Oh uh

Just to learn Your ways,
Lo-rd,- I’m after Your heart
And in need of grace
My world was-coming apart, back from the start
Till You intervened as my common,-
Evaded my sense oh-uh-ah-ooh!
Why-is-it-we-strug-gle-so-much with the past?
Like a wrestling match-
Forth and back-
Making plans, for the future
When the Truth at hand is-
Sufferin’ from disappointment we built in vain,
Only what the Lord wills will remain-
It’s just like that-
-So will you stand with me?
As my heart is craving!
(Rap Verse)
(Chorus w/ ad-libs)

(We’re at the royal ball…sinner’s repentance)

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